The Same Battle Every Day

This coming year, I need a lot of bravery.
I have spotted demons,
and put them on my hit-list.
There are a lot of them.
Each day, I add some to my to-do list,
and off we go.

Many days I’m paralyzed in fear.
I keep falling into the same traps,
and I convince myself I can’t see them.
That I can’t see what triggers them.
A foolish lie, a wilful ignorance.
These traps are places of comfort.

But my being is shifting,
expanding into new forms.
I need no longer push against old constraints.
I have already built a better house for myself.
One with love, support,
and all the accommodations I need.

I only need to remind myself that I am not caged,
and stand up to a straighter posture.
Look up into the new directions.
And feel how my within connects to my without.

Hands elegantly crossed in the air, black and white.
Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash



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